Easily find your
iPhone UDID

Simply scan the QR Code to find the UDID of your iOS device. Fast and secure.
Nimble can bring your web app to the iOS App Store without it becoming a distraction. Code optional.
How it works

It takes 15 seconds

Find your iPhone UDID with a few taps and easily share it with your collaborators and coworkers.
Scan the QR code
Open the web page in Safari on your iOS device and download a temporary configuration profile.
Install profile
A few taps within the system settings will have the configuration installed on your iOS device.
Get your device details
We'll show you the UDID, IMEI, and current version of your iOS device and allow you to easily share it.
All data transfer between your browser, iOS device and this tool is encrypted for privacy and your device is never linked to a Nimble account or identity.