Bring your web app to the iOS App Store

Publish your web app to the App Store without it becoming a distraction.
No code needed.

Be discovered on the App Store
App users convert more and are retained for longer. Overall, smartphone users spend 7x more time in native apps than in their browsers. The home screen is where you want to be.
Monetize your web app
Benefit from the monetization and discoverability opportunities the App Store brings and give your users the mobile experience they expect.
Javascript SDK

Level up with native features

Nimble’s Javascript SDK gives you access to platform native features from within your web app.

nimble.native.loadProducts(productIds).then((products) => {
  return displayProducts(products)

const purchaseSubscription = (productId) => {
  return nimble.native
      tier: 1,
      interval: 1,
      productId: productId,
    .then((transactionId) => {
      // Upgrade the user on your side here, and call
      // finishTransaction only when successful
      return confirmSubscription(userId, transactionId).then(() => {
        return nimble.native.finishTransaction(transactionId)
Custom share action
Have your app show up as an option on the system share sheet. Users can bring content into your app easier than ever.
Offline capable
Phone users are more mobile and may not always be connected. If your web app works offline, so does your native one.
Update your app any time
Follow your regular web development processes to update your app once it's live on the App Store.
How it works

Take your web app native

Nimble can take your existing web app or PWA, augment it with native features, and distribute it on the App Store for iOS & iPad.

Integrate native features
Include our SDK in your application and integrate with native features if desired.
Create a test build
We'll create a preview build for you and your team to test before publishing.
Once you're happy, we can submit your build for a review to the App Store.
Focus on building and improving your web app. Your native app will automatically update whenever you deploy.
Code or no-code

Works with your site platform

Whether you’re using a JavaScript framework or no-code platforms such as Bubble, Webflow, Wix, WordPress or Shopify — easily convert your site into a mobile app.

50% off during September

Preorder for early access

Nimble is in limited beta and access will be expanded to preorders first. Preorder today to lock in your 50% discount.